Batching Plants

Leading the way since the 1970s, D&L Forbes is now proud to be associated with the construction of a new generation of state-of-the-art concrete batching plants. Custom-built to suit the needs of suppliers that serve specific project driven markets, these innovative batching plants can be designed to deliver up to 180 cubic metres per hour, and to outperform conventional plants in all respects.

Larger twin load point plants capable of producing up to 300 cubic metres per hour also form an integral part of D&L Forbes' product range. We also now offer a range of mobile batching plants that can help to save even more time and upfront investment, by allowing you to manage smaller plants right on the development site.

In designing these signature plants, we keep three core drivers in mind, which are:

  • Provide reduced costs by lowering maintenance and safety issues
  • Adhering to a healthy environmental responsibility
  • Ensuring the maximum output and maximum user-friendliness to move projects to completion as quickly as possible

Whatever solution you need to save time and money on your next project, D&L Forbes provides maximum efficiency with a minimum of fuss, allowing you to get your concrete en route to the construction site quickly and cleanly.


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